Welcome to the Apple Capital Museum

We are closed for the season as of August 28, 2020 and are anticipating reopening in 2021. We're so happy to have spent another great season with you! Thank you for your continued patronage.

The History of Berwick

Since 2000, the Apple Capital Museum has provided locals as well as visitors from all around the world an opportunity to learn about the rich history of Berwick. Come visit us and find out how the apple industry in Berwick was transformed from a modest North American market to one of the former British Empire's most significant industries.

The Gift Shop
Map of Kings County
The Museum
The Information Desk
The Dayliner
Barber Shop
Just another brick in the wall
Apple Barrel Labels

About the Apple Capital Museum

The Apple Capital Museum is kept alive and thriving by the Berwick Museum Society, which has been active since 1998. We base our operations from within the Margeson building, a restored 19th-century harness shop on 173 Commercial Street, which was kindly donated to us by the family of the late Howard Margeson; the latter had purchased the building in the 1940s and used it to operate many business ventures including a bicycle shop, taxi business and men's clothing store.  The Museum is run entirely through volunteer work and is dedicated to serving as a reliable source of information concerning our little town's history.


The Margeson building also houses the Berwick Visitor Information Centre, where you will find provincial and regional maps, guides, services and business information. Come learn about local restaurants, boutiques, trails and much more!


Opening Hours

We are CLOSED for the off-season and anticipate reopening in spring 2021. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Mon: 9:00am - CLOSED
Tue: 9:00am - CLOSED
Wed: 9:00am - CLOSED


See you soon!

Get in Touch

173 Commercial St, Berwick, NS B0P 1E0, Canada

(902) 538-9229

We do not answer our phone during the off-season, but you are welcome to send us an email and we will do our best to get back to you with an answer. Thank you!

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